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 AventuSoft is a leading pioneer in Bio-inspired speech solutions!

The premise is to research biologically inspired techniques for increasing robustness of speech processing, for both man and machine. Our research areas are indicated above with commercialized technologies on the left.


The human auditory system is an existence proof for accurate speech processing and has solved the principal complexities that currently plague speech processing solutions: conversational speech, noisy environments, and mismatched test/train data. Speech processing solutions by AventuSoft, are developed by applying our in-depth knowledge of the underlying psychoacoustics, novel signal processing techniques to leverage the benefits seen in human system. Thus creating solutions that provide superior performance.


Research backed!
Technology developed through years of speech processing research and effort of Speech Language Therapists, Linguists and Research scientists.


Proven performance from IRB user trials.


Cloud support
Technology is available anywhere and supports secure cloud storage and computing.


Fundamentally improve speech therapy apps!

FluentSounds SDK
iOS and Android signal processing framework for speech disorders!


Technology has been optimized to run on mobile phones enabling delivery of therapy outside of the clinic.


Key Benefits

Bio-inspired solutions
Low memory need
Low computational need
Reliability and superior performance
Extremely user friendly
Addresses key social problems